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Who are Skrulls ? Agent Coulson is a Skrull ? Skrulls are future of MCU

Who are Skrulls ?

Hello friends how are you all so today we are going to talk about the Skrulls . Who are they ? And why are they going to be the future of MCU. They are going to be the best villians. So without wasting anymore time let's get started.

Who are Skrulls ? Skrulls secret invasion
Who are Skrulls ? Skrulls secret invasion

Skrulls are Future

So friends Skrulls are first shown in the new upcoming Marvel Movie Captain Marvel . They are the main villian of this movie. Their Power is Shape shifting which means that they can change their body and face like anyone. And they can easily hide among the human beings . The only way to recognise them is by telepathy which is reading mind. So this means Captain Marvel can also read mind. In comics it was also shown that when Avengers were attacked by a alien race who attacked on earth then one of thier teammate died that is Elektra and after dying she turns into skrull who was fighting with Avengers from many days and from there Avengers start to didn't trust anyone.

Skrulls chin also matches with Thanos i dont know why. If you know the reason then please let us know by commenting below. In the Captain Marvel trailer when Nick Fury asked Captain Marvel that how can he know she is not a skrull then Captain Marvel shows her power and tries to say that skrull cannot do that. 

But in the comics it was also shows that after sometime they start to knoe how to also copy powers. And a skrull was able to copy the power of Fantastic 4 who was the first to do that. Then all skrull starts to learn this.

And also the Agent Coulson who is killed by the Loki in the movie (The Avengers) was maybe a skrull. And a recent trailer from Marvel series Agentf of S.H.I.E.L.D shows the return of agent Coulson. It is possible that the coulson who was dead maybe a skrull or the new coulson can be a skrull. What do you think ? Comment below.

So this is the reason for why i said they are future of MCU. Because in future they can also copy Avengers powers and who knows what will happen this.

So that's all for today guys. If you have any query then please comment below. We will meet in the next post till then Good bye.


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