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Spiderman - Facts about Spiderman games, Spiderman 3, Peter Parker


Spiderman is the favourite character of many people. Even its toys,accessories are very popular. Spiderman games are loved by many people. But do you know about facts of Spiderman. So guys today I am here to tell you about the facts of Spiderman, Peter Parker, etc. So without wasting anymore time let's move toward facts.



1. Spiderman idea came from a bug

Do you know that Stan lee got the idea of making spiderman came from a bug "When Stan Lee is in his office a bug entered in his room and it sticker to the wall than Stan Lee got the idea to make a superhero who can stick on vertical walls. So he came up with superhero like stick to wall man, Mosquito man , Insect man and finally Spiderman.

2. Spiderman is not a Lone Wolf

Spiderman future is already written that he will not fight alone in the future. But before Captain America - Civil War he is the lone wolf fighter who fights with crime and evil to save people.

3. Spiderman's Radioactive Sperms

Do you know that in Spiderman comics it was shown that Mary Jane will die due to cancer because the spider that bite the Peter Parker is Radioactive. So Peter Parker's sperms are Radioactive which causes cancer to Mary Jane.

4. Spiderman's parents are S.H.I.E.L.D agents

Do you know that Spiderman's parents are S.H.I.E.L.D agents. Who die in a plane crash due to Red skull.

5. Miles Morales become Spiderman in Spiderman PS4 game

It was already decided that Miles Morales will become spiderman in Spiderman PS4 game.  If you don't know who is Miles Morales then you can watch "Spiderman Into the Spider Verse" to know who is he and how ge will become spiderman.

So this is all for today guys if you have any query then you can contact us. Share this post with your friends and tell me which fact do you liked the most. We will meet in the next post till then Good Bye