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Spiderman : Far from Home Trailer Breakdown [Updated]

Spiderman Far from Home

Hello friends so today we are going to talk about another amazing trailer from  Marvel that is Spiderman Far from Home and also we are going to breakdown this trailer so without wasting anymore time let's get started.

Spiderman far from home
Spiderman Far from Home

Spiderman Far from Home trailer Breakdown

If you haven't watched this trailer yet so go right now and watch it then come back here. The trailer was too amazing as the name suggests Spiderman Far from Home so in this movie spider man is going to a trip with his friends and the villian of this movie is mysterio who have no powers. He only make some enemies and saves people from it to become a hero. Also Spiderman meets with Nick Fury in this trailer. Aunt May also know that Peter Parker is Spiderman and she also helps him. Also in this movie Spiderman starts to love Mary jane. In this trailer also elements are shown like water, sand which was not real it may be made by Mysterio to become hero among people by saving them. This trailer has not revealed very much about the movie.Aunt May also says Peter to take his suit with him but Peter want to go there not as Spider Man but as Peter so he leaves his suit there but Aunt May puts that suit in his bag which was seen at the Airport while checking. Also Happy and Aunt May becomes good friends. Happy also brings a check in which there is a sign of Pepper Potts which reveals that Pepper Potts is not going to die in "Avengers Endgame. So thats all for now if i get more information then i will update this post.

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