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Marvel Animated Series

Top Marvel Animated Series - Hello friends how are you all i hope you all are fine so today we are making a list of Marvel animated series, maybe some of them you had already watched and some of that you have not even heard so without wasting anymore time let's get started.

List of Top Marvel Animated Series

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Marvel animated series

 1.Ultimate Spiderman

In my list the top position is occupied by 'The Ultimate Spiderman'. I kept this serirs on top because it was my favourite of all time i loved to watch it. It has best funny scenes and action. It is loved by kid as well as adult. So on my best Marvel animated series list it was on top.

2.Iron Man Armored Adventure

This series is also very good as it is full of action and iron man which is favourite of many people. In this series iron man is teenage boy who fights with crime and super villians to save the world. It was very amazing marvel animated series. So second position goes to 'Iron Man Armored Adventures'.

3.Avengers Assemble

On third position I love to place Avengers Assemble. Not only animated series but also its movies are loved by peoples all over the world. This series is full of Action, Adventure and also there are all superheros that are in Avengers movies. Ot was also very funny. And i know that many of you had already watched it and some of you had not so go right now and watch this amazing series.


X-Men is also a very good series it was full of actions. I liked to watch it as i was a kid. But now it was too old and it cannot compete with the current animation graphics but the storyline was amazing and even if you watch it now you will like it but some people need graphics to be good. So go right now if you want to watch it.

5.Hulk and the Agents of Smash

This series is also very good for those who are fans of Hulk. In this series there are many hulk like Green hulk, Red Hulk etc. This series is also full of action and adventures.

So thats all in my list for Marvel Animated series that I have watched yet. I will keep updating it as I get more amazing series like this. If you have any query you can contact me through my Email address - or you can comment below our post. Tell me how was the post. And also comment below which super hero do you like the most. We will meet in next new and exciting post till then good bye