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Avengers: Endgame Trailer Breakdown [Updated]

Avengers: Endgame

Hello friends how are you all . So today i am going to breakdown "Avengers Endgame" Trailer which was recently released on youtube by Marvel in many languages. So without wasting anymore time lets get started.

Avengers Endgame
Avengers Endgame

Avengers Endgame Trailer Breakdown

So marvel has recently released its trailer on Youtube in many languages like Hindi, English Tamil,Telugu. Although the trailer has not revealed very much about the movie but still it gave some hint about the movie. Trailer starts with the broken Iron man broken helmet then as the trailer moves forward we can see tony stark in the space ship which tell us that the tony is still in space from where he took the spaceship of the Guradians and tried to reach earth but he was not able to reach there for some reasone for example it can be fuel or any other. Then he records the message for Pepper Potts where he says a word "Rescue" it  may be the hint of thr Pepper Potts Rescue armor. Then comes the Thanos Armor which was hanging and then there was a scence of Thanos in which he was walking with the broken Gauntlet and after that we can hear Black Widow saying about Thanos that he did what he said, it was not shown with whom did she talking to it may be Captain America or Hawkeye who was changed into Ronin and it was clearly shown in the trailer. And then comes the scene of the Bruce Banner who has screen in his front in which some missing peoples are seen like Ant Man,Shuri. We know that Ant Man is in Quantum Realm but the interesting fact is Shuri as she had not faded away like other people. So where is Shuri. Then we can see Thor saying "We lost friends We lost Famliy" and then comes the scene of the Ronin who has changed from Hawkeye due to loss of his Family. Then we can hear Black Widow saying that "This is Gonna work Steve" which signs that they were planing to go in past and Captain America has another plan as he says "I know what to do if this does not work". After that we can see Ant Man who was outside the Avengers Towers and asks permssion to get in from Captain. So this is the end of the trailer. I hope that you enjoy this breakdown very much. Share our post if you like.