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Which superhero is going to die in Avengers [ New Fan theory ]

Which superhero is going to die in the Avengers movie ?

Hello friends so today we are going to talk about a new fan theory that told us that which superhero will die in Avengers. So without wasting anymore time lets get started.

The superhero die in Marvel Avengers

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Superhero dead in Avengers

Another day another fan comes up with a new fan theory with great explanation of the superhero who is going to die in Avemgers Infinity War actually he told that a superhero had beed already dead in the Avengers Infinity War during the battle in Wakanda with Thanos and he was Captain America. So this fan explained so clearly amd clears all doubts. So he tolds that when all the superheroes were protecting Vision and stopping Thanos from taking that Infinity stones (Mind stone) from Vision. Then Captain America comes and fights with Thanos. Then Thanos tries to use his stone to beat Captain America but when Thanos tries to close his fist and use stone then Captain America suddenly hold his hand to stop him from closing it for a while and yeah it was really a goosebumps giving scenes. Then Thanos uses his second hand and punches Captain America on the back of his head with his full power after punch there is no scene which showed is Captain America alive or not. This fan also told that when Wanda destroys mind stone and also Vision then Thanos uses his Infinity stone (Time stone)  to rewind time and then suddenly thor comes and throws his hammer (Stormbreaker) toward Thanos that strikes Thanos on his chest and then suddenly he snaps his finger and uses his Gauntlet and stone to run from there. Then Captain America comes. So this fan says that how Captain America was able to survive this powerful attack from Thanos who hitted him on his head. He says that it was not possible to survive this critical injury. And he also explains that then how Captain America was still alive. So he told that when Thanos hits Captain America he dies on the spot. But to get the Infinity stone (Mind stone) from Vision Thanos uses his Infinity stone (Time stone) to rewind time and due to rewinding time Captain America get alive with Vision. But it was so sad that Thanos killed Vision again but ge doesn't killed Captain America again that's why he was still alive. But he was dead before Thanos rewinded the time. And yeah it was Thor's mistake that he didn't hitted Thanos on his head and die to this directors are so said because now they have to make another part... Just kidding!

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