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Where is Captain Marvel for several Years ? Another Captain Marvel Easter Egg in Avengers Infinity War

Where is Captain Marvel ? Cull obsidian vs. Cull Obsidian

Hello friends so today we are with another new fan theory many marvel fans are talking about the Captain Marvel that where she why before and why she hadn't showed up yet in Marvel movies. So without wasting anymore time let's get started.

Cull Obsidian Vs. Captain Marvel

Cull Obsidian vs Captain Marvel, what was that cloth on Cull Obsidian's waist
What was that cloth on Cull Obsidian's waist ?

So friends there is another new fan theory and this is really very good and powerful thoery. So you have watched Marvel Avengers Infinity war already in this movies a there is a Alien who has Axe in his hands and he works for Thanos in that movie that alien name is Cull Obsidian so another fan had noticed another thing from that movie (Avengers Infinity War). He had seen that on Cull Obsidian's waist there is a piece of cloth hanging which has same colour as the Captain Marvel's dress that is a combination of Red, Golden and Blue. And also that piece of cloth has same pattern as Captain Marvel's dress. Which indicates that in space or somewhere Cull Obsidian and Captain Marvel have already came face to face in the battle but in that battle Obsidian won and took Captain Marvel's belt/sash as a trophy. But it is not official theory but it indicates that in the Captain Marvel's movie there would be definitely a role was of Cull Obsidian. So this will be shown in the Captain Marvel's movie that what happened there between Captain Marvel and Cull Obsidian. But now he Cull Obsidian was dead. Cull Obsidian was killed by Bruce Banner in the Avengers Infinity War movie. So wait till the next new Marvel upcoming movies that will tell us how far this theory is right. But in my opinion it was a very good theory an i think that it is definitely correct. But there is another think that if you search that alien name (Cull Obsidian) on google images you will find that at some images cull obsidian wearing that belt/sash that look same as Captain Marvel's dress but in some images you will find that there is no cloth on Cull Obsidian's cloth. Also we fans dont know that Captain Marvel who will shown in next Avengers movie have same dress as comics or not. Because a set image showed that Captain Marvel was in green dress so this also contradicts this theory. Although this theory is powerful. So keep an eye on Russo brother's Twitter account tweet because this give us hint about the next Avengers movie.

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