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Top facts about the Marvel Cinematic Universe you definitely didn't know

Top marvel facts you cant imagine

Hello friends so today we are going to talk about the facts about the marvel cinematic universe and i kniw that you will definitely didn't know these before so without wasting anymore time lets started.

Top Marvel Facts

Top facts of marvel movies
Facts about Marvel Cinematic Universe

Fact No. 1

In the movie The Incredible Hulk you have seen that a different character was playing the role of Bruce Banner (Edward Norton). But now in avengers there is a different character who is playing the role of the Hulk (Mark Ruffalo). But did you know that also in that movie Mark Ruffalo was going to play the role of hulk but at that time Edward norton was more famous that Mark Ruffalo so Directors thaught that by taking Edward norton in movie the movie will be hit but there is nothing happened liked that even now the avengers movie is going hit due to Hulk.

Fact No. 2

Marvel did not tell their secrets to anyone even the actors/actress didn't know for what movie they had acted if they didn't watch the movie of their own. Did you know that Falcon also didn't know that he had also became an Avenger before watching his own movie. Because Marvel didn't want any character to spoil the movie as if that actor removed from the movie he will share all the suspense of the movie and movie will become a great flop.

Fact No. 3

In the movie Avengers the role of Black Widow was given to Scarlett Johnasson but the directors also not sure that Scarlett Johnasson will be available at that time or not so they also written a new script for the Wasp for that movie. And Wasp will be shown in that movie instead of Black Widow. But it was good that Scarlett Johnasson agreed to play that role. And also many people didn't knew about this fact.

Fact No. 4

As all movie their is a interview held for the movie character Thor. And in that movie Tom Hiddleston (Loki) also came for the role of Thor but the directors appointed him for the role of Loki in the Avengers movie. Tom Hiddleston also played that role very well and he was also a very main character due to which the movie had become hit all over the world. And many peoples didn't know about this great fact.

Fact No. 5

In every comics all the characters face was taken from the movie. But in case of Avengers it was a reverse case in which Samuel L. Jackson (Nick fury) was taken from comic to movies. For comics an character was needed for the role of Nick Fury. So the publishers decided to take a real face for that comic so they used the face of Samuel L. Jackson for that character. Many peoples loved him to see him in that comic that's why marvel had also taken Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury for the movie the Avengers. And many people didn't knew about this fact.

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