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Logan (Wolverine is alive ) new theory explained. My opinion

Logan (Wolverine) is alive 

Hello friends today we are going to talk about Wolverine who was killed in the movie Logan so I think he is not dead and I am going to explain how he is still alive so without wasting any more time let's get started.

Wolverine is not dead my fan thoery.

Wolverine is still alive ? , Deapool
Wolverine is still alive ?

So friends you have already watched the Logan movie in which the Wolverine gets old and in the end he dies and you have already was the Wolverine first part (Xmen: The Wolverine Origins) in which Wolverine fights with Wade Wilson and defeats him in that fight wolverines brother Victor Creed also helps him to defeat Wade Wilson in which he dies. But in the movie Deadpool 2 in the post credit scene it was shown that Deadpool comes back to time Where The Wolverine and Wade Wilson fight was going to start the Deadpool comes to the same spot where the fight is beginning and he kills the Wade Wilson from behind with his girl so if Wade Wilson is already dad this means that Victor Creed will not die at all and he is still alive so due to this the the future will be changed and something different happen in the movie and the whole story of the X-Men will be changed he will not be shot by the gun's bullet that hit his head and the Wolverine will lose his all the memory so whole time will change due to this move by the Deadpool so The Wolverine will not die in movie logan and a new movies will be made on him. Just like that deadpool saves his girlfriend from the enemies. Also cable saves his wife and daughter from that kid who was going to become evil in the future and Kills cable's wife and daughter. Director have already thought about this before killing Wolverine in Logan movie. So it is possible that director want Wolverine back to action in the movie so they have done this in the last post credit scene of the Deadpool. So this is my fan theory that I have explained it it is possible that the Wolverine is alive and its next movie with will be in the next year so keep an eye on it. So I think The Wolverine's fan is going to see the Wolverine again in the movie that is going to release next year.

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