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[Updated] Captain Marvel Trailer My Review, Opinion, Breakdown

Captain Marvel Trailer My Opinion and Breakdown

Captain Marvel Trailer Revealed
Captain Marvel Trailer Revealed

Hello friends how are you my name is Shubham welcome to our blog top marvel movie so today we are going to talk about the new trailer by Marvel that is Captain Marvel So without wasting and more time let's get started.
First of all after watching that trailer I give it lowest rating even Shazam and Aquaman trailer are better than it. Little Worst trailer by the Marvel I have ever seen. In this trailer Captain Marvel is a betrayed soldier. There is also a great role of Nick fury in this movie he was with his both eyes and once he has interest in wearing specs. The same pod was shown in that movie that nick fury uses in the last post credit scene to contact Captain Marvel. Nick fury lock Captain Marvel contact in his Pod. Maybe Captain Marvel lost his memory in this movie. This movie trailer was released in many languages like Hindi, English ,Telugu etc that means this movie is going to release in multiple movies. While nick fury was talking to Captain America he says he has one trusted a person and he has lost his eyes. Maybe Captain Marvel is that soldier of whom Nick fury was talking about. Even its trailer is not good but still this movie will become a great hit on box office because of Marvel's Avengers Infinity War. I think this is the strategy of the Marvel director to earn huge amount of money on box office.
So thats all for today guys if you like reading this article then share this. If you have any suggestions for our blog then you can comment below or Email us at . If you have any query then you can also comment below. I hope you like this post. We will meet in the next post till then Goodbye.


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