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Top weapons of the Marvel Universe [Best super hero weapons]

Top weapons of the Marvel Universe [Best super hero weapons]

Hello friends so today we are going to talk about the top weapons of the Marvel Universe that can be too dangerous if it goes in the wrong hands. So without wasting anymore time lets get started.

Top Marvel Weapons

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Top Weapons in Marvel Movies

1. Mjolnir/Stormbreaker

So friends the top weapon of the Marvel Universe is Thor's hammer (Mjolnir/Stormbreaker) which can destroy anything and was so dangerous for the enemies of Thor. The best part of this hammer i like is that it comes back when Thor wants it. It proves to be very valuable in the fights with enemies.

2. Yaka Arrow

This weapon is from Guardian of the Galaxy movie. This weapon is used by Yondu where he controls it by wistling. It was a very dangerous weapon it can kill thousands of people on Yondu wistle. So this is also a Best weapon of the Marvel Universe.

3. Black Panther suit

However Black Panther suit is not a weapon but Black Panther uses it as weapon. This suit is made up of Vibranium (The strongest element of Marvel Universe) . Even bullet cannot pass through it. It was a very powerful weapon.

4. Captain America's Shield

Also Captain America's shield is made up of Vibranium it cannot be destroyed. It was very stable and Lights Weight. It also comes back to its original place from where it has been thrown. Even in avengers movie when Thor striked his hammer on that shield with full power Thor, Captain America and Iron man they were thrown by the blast's pressure.

5. Iron man's Hulk Buster suit

When Tony Stark and Bruce Banner seen that what kind of destruction Hulk can do then they decided to make a weapon which is Hulk Buster Iron man. It is so powerful that in movie Avengers Age of Ultron it stopped Hulk. Its punching power is also very powerful.

6. Infinity stones

Infinity stones is the main weapon of all the Marvel Universe. A single stone can deetroy the whole universe. But Thanos used all the stones using Gauntlet in the movie Avengers Infinity War. It was so powerful that even Thanos cannot hold all of them bare handed thats's why he used Gauntlet to hold them on one place.

So friends these are the best best weapond in the Marvel Universe. There are also more many powerful weapon but i am not going to inclide all of them as the post will become big. So if you want to know about more weapons you can comment below the the post. You can also contact me through this Email address - If you liked reading the post then please share this with your friends. If you jave any suggestions for our blog them please let me know through either E-Mail or Comment box. So we will meet in the next new and exciting post till then Goodbye.