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[Updated] Top 5 marvel movies of the year 2018 ( You must watch )

Top 5 Marvel Movies of the year 2018

Hi Guys so today we are going to talk about the top marvel movies realeased this year (2018). So without wasting anymore time lets get started.

1. Avengers: Infinity war

So this is the first movie in my list best it was very good movie, it is full of action and goosebumps giving entries of super heroes. If you are on this post then i think you have already watched this movie. Even a non-marvel fan had watch this movie. The movie ended in suspense, giving shock to all marvel fans and now everyone is more curiously waiting for its 4th entitled movie.

2. Spider-Man: Into the spider Verse

I am a very big fan of Spider-Man he is my kid life most favourite super hero. Even now i love to watch his movies. And this is the latest Spider-Man Animated movie (Spider-Man: Into the spider Verse) it is not even launched. I watched its trailer it was amazing. In this movie spider man meets many different spider man of different universe. You can watch the trailer here:-

3. Deadpool 2 (2018)

Oh yeah guys Deadpool 2 is no. 3 in my list. The first part of this movie is amazing marvel fan was curious about its second part. Now Deadpool 2 is launched, it is very funny movie. It is full of action. And yeah last post credit scene is very amazingly funny where Deadpool goes back in time and kills Baby hitler, he kills himself in X-Men movie when wolverine is going to fight him he comes and kills himself from the back. Ryan Reynolds was playing the role of enemy in the movie X-Men. Deadpool also kills himself in Green Lantern movie because that movie got flopped and Ryan Reynolds is very upset about that. He also says he will never wear green suit again.

4. Ant man and the Wasp

This movie is very also amazing movie and you jave to watch this movie as there is something hidden about the 4th entitled movie of Avengers which will be launched soon. This movie is very funny full of action and emotional scenes. In this movie hope gets her mother back from the Quantum realm. It is very amazing movie that you can watch.

5. Black Panther (2018)

I included this on 5th no. in my list. It is good movie. Some scenes are full of action but i didn't liked its last scene as there was very little action. But you can watch this movie once as black panther also played a very good role in movie Avengers: Infinity war.

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