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Most Dangerous super villains in Marvel Universe of all time

Most Dangerous super villain in Marvel Universe

Hello friend so sweet today we are going to talk about the most dangerous super villain in Marvel Universe of all time ranked from best to worst. So without wasting any more let's get started.

Dangerous villian

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Most Dangerous Supervillians

1. Hella [Thor Ragnarok]

So in my list the most powerful and dangerous supervillain is Hella of the movie Thor ragnarok. She she was very powerful even she broke the thor's hammer. She was so powerful so even Thor was not able to kill her. Thor used his  lightning power to kill Hella but she even survived through that too. To kill Hella thor have to give Asgard in Surtur's hand who have destroyed Asgard Killed Hella and himself also. So she was so dangerous.

2. Doormamu [Doctor Strange]

In my list the super villain on second number is Doormamu of the movie Doctor strange. Was so powerful even no one was able to stop him. Doctor strange made time loop to kill Doormamu and due to that loop Doormamu killed Doctor strange many times but due to time loop Doctor strange get alive again and again. So think about it he was very powerful he had not killed Doctor strange one time but he had killed him many times in his time loop. Even at the end of the Doormamu was not killed by Doctor strange. Doctor strange made deal with Doormamu to leave earth and in return he will take him out of that time loop. Yeah he was still alive. So Stay alert.

3. Thanos [Avengers Infinity war]

So  thanos is on third number in my list so you guys are thinking why i placed such a dangerous supervillain on number third. So friends i have kept him on number third because he have no powers without Infinity stones and Gauntlet. Even with all the Infinity stones he was not able to stops Thor's Hammer (Stormbreaker). And was nearly to its death when he suddenly snaps his fingers and runs away from the Battle Ground (Wakanda). Thats why i included him on third number in my list.

4. Loki [Avengers, Thor etc]

Loki was not anymore a supervillain. But he was a villian before so i have included him in fourth number in my list he was a very great Trickster and also full of evil plans to kill his brother (Thor) and to destroy earth. He wanted to become the king of Asgard that's why he done so many bad things. Even Thor could not understand his evil plans. But now he bacame a good man maybe and he was deal also maybe. He was a great super villian.

5. Ultron [Avengers Age of Ultron]

In my list Ultron is on fifth number. He is very powerful super villian because he can travel through internet and can change his destroyed body with new one. Even the avengers together cannot ve able to kill Ultron without the help of Vision who has deleted Ultron from the internet in the end of the movie.

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