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Is Loki still alive ? And posing as Bruce Banner ?

Is Loki still alive posing as Bruce Banner ? [ Fan theory and my opinions ]

Hi guys welcome to our blog today I am going to tell you about Loki that is he really dead or he is pretending as Hulk. So without wasting anymore time lets get started.

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Is Loki still alive ?

Is Loki still alive ?

- So friends you have already watched Avengers: Infinity War and in starting Thanos kills Loki that surprised every Marvel Universe because Loki is the master of Evil Plans and Trickster and everyone is thinking that how he is killed very easily in that movie. So some fans on Social Media made some fan theories that he is still alive or not. So today we are going to talk about that. A Marvel fan told that Loki is posing as Bruce Banner in which he told that Loki is not dead but he just changed his body and entered in Bruce Banner's body. He also gave proof of ot that he is still alive like he said that Loki also acted to be dead in movie (Thor: The Dark World) where he was stabed by sword in that movie. To get away from Thor he pretend to be dead in front of thor. So that Thor thinks he was really dead. Just like that movie (Thor: The Dark World) he was not really dead in this movie (Avengers: Infinity War) and just pretending to be dead. Now we will talk about some proof that he was in Bruce Banner's body. When Heimdall send Hulk to earth he lands in Doctor strange's house. Where he says "He was coming" and then he tolds all the story to Doctor strange that what happened with him. But if you remembered whenever hulk changes to Bruce Banner again he didn't remember what he had done and what happened to him. But in this movie he tolds the whole story that what happened to the Asgardian and him and also tells everything about the Thanos. The fan also told that why Hulk is not coming out in movie (Avengers: Infinity War). He told that he is not coming out because he was not Hulk and actually he was Loki. And also i today when i am watching movie again i saw that when Thor and Rocket were going in the ship to Knowwhere he tells everything about his families that how his all family members and friends (his father, mother, Loki, Heimdall) died. Then Rocket says "So brother is dead, Uh" and so Thor says "Well, he was already dead before but this time i think he was really dead." So this told us that Thor is not even confirm that Loki is dead or not. So this is all that explains about Loki's not dead and he is posing as Bruce Banner.

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