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Difference between the best Superhero Movie Producer (Marvel or DC) ?

Which is best Marvel or DC?

So friends today we are going to talk about two top superhero movie producers (Marvel and DC). I will tell you what is the difference between them. And which of them is most successful in it. So without wasting anymore time let's get started.

Marvel Vs. DC

Marvel Vs DC
Marvel vs. DC

So friends you have already watched many superhero movies the no. Of these kind of movies are increasing day by day and the top producer of these movie are Marvel and DC. These two movie producers are dominating the all superhero movies producers. But there is also competition between both of them (Marvel and DC) they both were trying to reach the top of each other in Superhero world. But my favorite is Marvel you can also tell me who is you favorite superhero movie producer in the comment section of the post. So i would like to explain why i like the Marvel more than DC even not i am but there are more fans of Marvel Universe than DC because of many reason. The first reason is that costume - I like the costume of superhero in Marvel more than DC and that's the reason for my vote to Marvel because the first impression is your last impression and costume really matters. Funny or not - the second reason why Marvel is more famous is that because in Marvel movies there is action with funny scenes you have seen many Marvel movies and you have noted that it was always funny scene in these movies but the DC movies are very serious movie and there is only fight but no funny scenes so this is the second reason why I like Marvel. Late release - The third reason is that DC movies releases too late but Marvel movies releases every year and this is a good reason why I like Marvel. Charcter change - in the movie Justice League DC replaced its series flash with other flash and many DC fans get upset due to this but this is not my reason to to vote Marvel. although both are the both good movie producer and they both produce very good movies but DC superheroes are more serious then Marvel superheroes even Marvel superhero always says funny lines even when they are dying. For example - Deadpool, Thor, Hulk, Iron Man etc. So you can also vote for DC and marvel in comment box below and tell us the reason why you like them most and we will make a new post on that voting.
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