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Best moments in Avengers: Infinity War that gave goosebumps to everyone watching it

Best moments in Avengers: Infinity War [ Goosebumps giving moments ]

Hello guys today we are going to talk about the best moments of Avengers: Infinity War that gave goosebumps to every single person watching it. So without wasting anymore time lets get started.

Best moments of Avengers Infinity War

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Best Avengers Infinity War Moments

 1. Thor's Entry in battlefield [Wakanda]

I have added this to top because Thor is my favorite superhero now and also his entry was very fantastic in Avengers Infinity War when all Avengers were losing and then he enters in Wakanda with Groot and Rocket with full of lightning and he throws his hammer (Storm breaker) to save avengers from the aliens. And the he says "Give me Thanos" running toward the  aliens with Groot and Rocket and then he  strikes his hammer on the ground which kills all the aliens around him. I loved that scene.

2. Iron Man wearing his new suit

I included this scene in second but it was really good. When the Two Thanos Son came on earth to take the Time Stone from Doctor strange. Then the big alien came running towards the Avengers to fight them. Then Tony asks Bruce Banner to transform to Hulk and he was not able to transform into Hulk. Then Iron man moves forward he does something by touching his arc reactor and throws his specs. Then after completely wearing suit he blocks the first attack of alien from his Iron Shield. Then four Plasma cannon thing came from his back of his suit and shoot the alien with full power. That was such a Excellent scene from Infinity War.

3. Captain America and Black Panther Race

This is the last Battle scene when aliens try to come from the Wakanda shield and Black Panther tells to open the shield from the front to them. Then every Avengers and soldiers starts running towards them and the Captain American behind Black Panther both running very fast and both were looking fully energetic. As soon as they reached there they start to Rain their attack over Aliens.

4. Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy fights with Thanos

This is very funny, emotional and goosebumps giving scene in the movie.
When Guardians of the Galaxy and Iron man, Spider-Man, Doctor strange meet on Titan Peter Quill makes plan to stop thanos from killing half population. Doctor strange was the main character in this scene. The all scenes were funny like Spider man saying "Magical kick, Magical Punch" it was so funny. Star Lord planting bomb on Thanos. Then they even were able to stop Thanos for a while, while everyone trying to pull Gauntlet from Thanos hand Mantis tells that Thanos was suffering from pain the  Gamora sister realises why is he was in pain and tell that he killed Gamora for Soul Stone, Star Lord becomes very angry on him and starts to strike Thanos with his Gun and mistakenly hits Mantis hands and mantis loses his control over Thanos thanos wakes up and beats all the Avengers. Than starts the Doctor strange's and Thanos fight which is very loved by fans. Then Iron man comes to fight with Thanos for one on one tha battle was also very amazing. Then the emotional scene comes when the Thanos stabs sword in Iron Man. And to save Iron man from Thanos Doctor strange gave his Time Stone to Thanos. It was really a goosebump giving scene.

5. Captain America's first time entry

When Vision and  Wanda  were both losing by the aliens suddenly a train goes behind them and a shadow appears of Captain America then the alien throw his weapon toward Captain America to kill him he catches it and then he comes in light and then Black Widow comes from behind captain america throws that weapon to Black widow and she catches it and uses it against those aliens. Then falcon comes and kicks one of the aliens. This scene is full of action.

6. Get this man a shield

When Captain America enters into Wakanda for help then Black Panther (King of Wakanda) orders his soldiers to get prepared for fight. And says "Get this man a shield" pointing towards the Captain America. Each and every person watching that scene felt that now its time form to start.
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