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Ant Man and The Wasp post credit scene Explained [How it was related to Avengers Infinity War]

Ant Man and The Wasp post credit scene Explained [How it was related to Avengers Infinity War]

Hello friends so today I we are going to talk about the movie's (Ant Man and The Wasp) post credit scene. After watching that many fans were thinking that what happened there to the Ant Man in the post credit scene. So without wasting anymore time let's get started.

Ant man and the wasp post credit scene

Ant man in Quantum Realm
Ant Man in Quantum Realm

So friends when Ghost is fighting with the Ant Man and Wasp to survive from dying. Suddenly Hope's father (Hank) comes out of the Quantum Realm with his wife ( Sorry but i dont remember the name of Hope's mother) then the Ghost thinks now it was impossible to save himself from her disease. But Hope's mother puts her hands on that Ghost lady and saves her by the power of Quantum Realm or the knowledge that she gained from that Quantum Realm. But she knows that this problem is not fixed permanently. Then comes the post credit scene where they sends the ant man (Clint) again to Quantum Realm so that he aquire more knowledge from the Quantum Realm and find permanent solution to save her life. And when Hank and his wife sends Ant Man (Clint) to the Quantum Realm then Hank and his wife suddenly disappears from their This is where this movie is related to Avengers Infinity War they both of them disappears because Thanos snaps his finger in Wakanda and as Thanos said when he snap his finger only the half of the population will remain. That happened same and in that half population Hank and his wife were disappeared too. And then Hank stucks in Quantum Realm with just a rope and this is the end of the movie. This shows that Ant Man and The Wasp is related with the movie Avengers Infinity War and Ant Man (Clint) will play a very important role in the fourth entitled movie of Avengers which is going to release next year. Every Marvel Fan is very excited for next Avengers movie and waiting very curiously for its next part. And definitely the next part of the movie (Avengers Infinity War) will hit the top of all movies. And you already know that Avengers infinity war has earned the highest amount of money. And next part of this movie will also rock globally. So keep an eye on youtube for next trailer. Stay alert.
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